EDM Solutions for Medical Manufacturing

Precision Wire EDM for the Medical Industry

Precision Manufacturing

Because they can sometimes mean the difference between life and death, parts and components for the medical industry require the highest levels of quality and accuracy. American Wire EDM, Inc. has the capabilities to meet these high standards, providing precision wire EDM machining and EDM hole drilling for a broad spectrum of medical applications. From components for life-saving hospital equipment to surgical tools, our medical component manufacturing shop can produce the parts you need with superior precision.

Our Wire EDM Machines

We utilize state-of-the-art, CNC-operated EDM equipment and advanced CAD/CAM programming to ensure that the finished products you receive match your exact design specifications, no matter how complex. EDM medical manufacturing makes it possible to quickly and easily produce parts that are too small and/or intricate for traditional machining.

How We Work

Our EDM services are highly versatile, allowing us to provide the perfect process for the project at hand. We can work directly from your electronic design files and offer engineering assistance to help you refine your designs for better fit, form, and function, as well as for faster, more economical production.

Request a quote for wire EDM or EDM hole drilling service for your medical industry application, or contact American Wire EDM to learn more.