Wire EDM Solutions for Electronics & Other High-Tech Industries

Electrical Discharge machining for electronic manufacturing

Precision Manufacturing

Electronics and other high-tech industries continue to produce increasingly impressive technology in increasingly smaller packages. As such, parts and components for these industries must meet extremely strict standards of precision and quality. American Wire EDM, Inc., provides reliable EDM machining and EDM hole drilling services for the full spectrum of high-tech industries, producing high quality, high precision parts that meet or exceed customer requirements.

Our Wire EDM Machines

No matter how complex your designs, EDM components will be delivered matching your exact specifications thanks to our state-of-the-art, CNC-automated EDM equipment, and advanced CAD/CAM programming capabilities. With advanced EDM, electronics and high-tech industries can be served effectively. Our reliable EDM equipment enables us to quickly and easily create small and/or intricate parts too delicate to be produced through traditional machining methods.

How We Work

We will work directly with your electronic design files and have the manufacturing versatility to provide the ideal process for your product’s specific requirements. We also offer engineering assistance to help you refine your designs for better fit, form, and function, and to make production faster and more efficient.

Request a quote for EDM machining and EDM hole drilling for your high-tech application, or contact American Wire EDM for further information.