Wire EDM for Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace Wire EDM

In the aerospace industry, there’s little room for error, as the slightest miscalculation can lead to disaster. The requirements for aerospace component manufacturing are no different. American Wire EDM, Inc., provides wire EDM machining and EDM hole drilling services for numerous aerospace applications, producing parts that meet or exceed the industry’s strict standards of quality and dimensional accuracy. From PCB mounting fixtures to engine turbine blades and everything in between, we manufacture high precision, high-quality aerospace parts.

History of EDM and Aerospace Technologies

EDM has been used for decades to manufacture aerospace parts including engine, fuel system, and landing- gear components, as well as other high-stress, high-temperature parts. Throughout its history, however, the surface integrity, and thereby safety, of EDM-machined aerospace components has been questioned. As a result, aerospace manufacturers tightened their specifications on EDM-manufactured parts, requiring post-EDM secondary processing such as machining and chemical etching, or both. In many cases, it had been declared that EDM was not an acceptable process for the parts in question.

However, recent advances in EDM technology have improved the EDM process, and testing conducted by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Makino, and other industry leaders indicate that the surface integrity of EDM components is no longer as big a concern as it once was.

Industry testing indicates today's technologically advanced machines do not damage the surface of the material as in the past. As a result, aerospace manufacturers now may be able to use EDM to manufacture more components. Manufacturers could possibly eliminate secondary machining operations, reducing costs and decreasing delivery times.

Our Wire EDM Machines

Using CNC-operated, state-of-the-art EDM technology and advanced CAD/CAM programming, we deliver finished aerospace components that match our customers’ specifications, no matter how complex the design. Parts that are too small and/or intricate to be manufactured via traditional machining techniques can be quickly and easily produced through EDM processes. American Wire EDM benefits the aerospace industry by using and providing:

  • Aerospace materials: aluminum, nickel, titanium and stainless alloys
  • Rare aerospace materials: kovar, invar, Inconel, niobium, scandium and many more
  • High volume order capacities
  • EDM machining of high-temperature alloys and exotic metals

Producing Precision Aerospace Components

American Wire EDM works directly from customer design files, and we offer engineering assistance to help you perfect your design’s fit, form, and function and to improve manufacturing efficiency. We have versatile EDM capabilities that allow us to provide the ideal process for your project’s unique requirements.

Request a quote for your aerospace component manufacturing needs, or contact us for more information on how our EDM technology can be used for your next project.