Wire EDM Services

American Wire EDM offers a high level of versatility in our EDM services to give our customers a wide range of possibilities. Our expertise and advanced production equipment enable us to create top quality, low-cost precision parts, and components from nearly any type of conductive material. Whether you are looking for wire cutting or hole drilling, our CNC automation ensures dimensional accuracy within ± 0.0001” and perfect repeatability.

Our EDM solutions include:

We specialize in creating intricate parts with unique geometries and tight tolerances for an array of industries and applications. Skilled in-house tool makers and systems programmers, along with our state-of-the-art EDM equipment, help us provide high quality, high precision parts, and components. “Lights out” 24-hour production capabilities result in fast turnarounds to meet any schedule. From stamping dies to medical equipment to PCB brackets, American Wire EDM can produce an incredibly diverse array of components too complex to be created via traditional machining methods.

Request a quote for the EDM services your project requires, or contact us for additional information on how our EDM solutions could work for you.