Wire EDM Applications & Industries Served

Wire EDM machining for Industry

As a leader among EDM companies, American Wire EDM, provides precision wire EDM machining and EDM hole drilling for customers in all industries. Our high precision, high-speed EDM services are ideally suited for manufacturing complex, tight tolerance parts and components. Within the EDM industry, we are the company to turn to for exceptional process versatility, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries to meet any schedule.

EDM Applications Across Industries:

Wire EDM services a broad array of industries, some of which include:

Medical Wire EDM

Since lives are on the line, components for the medical industry require the highest levels of quality and accuracy. American Wire EDM, Inc. has the proficiencies to meet these high standards, providing precision wire EDM machining and EDM hole drilling for a vast range of medical applications. When it comes to components for life-saving hospital equipment to surgical tools, our medical component manufacturing facility can produce the parts you need with meticulous care.

We utilize advanced, CNC-operated EDM equipment and cutting-edge CAD/CAM programming to ensure that the finished products you receive match your precise design specifications, no matter how intricate. EDM medical manufacturing makes it possible to quickly and effortlessly produce parts that are too small and/or intricate for traditional machining.

Our EDM services are exceedingly adaptable, allowing us to provide the perfect method for the project at hand. We can work directly with your electronic design files and offer engineering assistance to help you enhance your designs for better fit, form, and function, as well as for quicker, more cost-effective production.

Aerospace Wire EDM

In the aerospace industry, there’s no room for mistakes, as the slightest error can lead to disaster. The requirements for aerospace component manufacturing are no exception. American Wire EDM, Inc., provides wire EDM machining and EDM hole drilling services for several aerospace applications, producing parts that meet or exceed the industry’s strict standards of excellence and dimensional correctness. From PCB mounting fixtures to engine turbine blades and everything in between, we manufacture high precision, high-quality aerospace parts. 

Using CNC-operated, state-of-the-art EDM expertise, and innovative CAD/CAM programming, we deliver finished aerospace components that precisely match our customers’ specifications, no matter how intricate the design. Parts that are too small and/or complex to be manufactured via traditional machining methods can be quickly and easily produced through EDM processes.

American Wire EDM works straight from customer design files, and we offer engineering support to help you perfect your design’s fit, form, and function and to expand manufacturing productivity. We have adaptable EDM capabilities that allow us to provide the process that is perfect for your project’s exclusive requirements. 

Wire EDM for Electronics & Other High-Tech Industries

Electronics and other high-tech industries continue to provide increasingly remarkable technology in progressively smaller packages. As such, parts and components for these industries must meet enormously strict standards of precision and quality. American Wire EDM, Inc., provides reliable EDM machining and EDM hole drilling services for the full range of high-tech industries, producing high quality, high precision parts that meet or surpass customer requirements. 

No matter how multifaceted your designs, EDM components will be delivered matching your exact conditions thanks to our advanced, CNC-automated EDM equipment, and cutting-edge CAD/CAM programming capabilities. With advanced EDM, electronics and high-tech industries can be regularly serviced and maintained. Our dependable EDM equipment enables us to quickly and easily create small and/or intricate parts too subtle to be produced through traditional machining methods.

We will work directly with your electronic design files and have the engineering adaptability to deliver the perfect process for your product’s specific requirements. We also offer engineering support to help you enhance your designs for better fit, form, and function, and to make manufacturing faster and more efficient.

Wire EDM for the Military

Military service people are continually faced with many hazards and challenges; equipment failure should never be one of them. Guaranteeing that military parts work when they are supposed to often comes down to the quality of the components that make it up. American Wire EDM uses a cutting-edge technology called electrical discharge machining, which is capable of producing parts that meet the military’s strict requirements. 

At American Wire EDM, our CNC-operated electrical discharge machining systems are on the cutting-edge of advanced military design capabilities. Because EDM is extremely precise, we’re able to produce military parts that meet multifaceted specifications with a level of precision that traditional machining just cannot match. Our EDM machines can manufacture precision parts that match the dimensional tolerances of your designs within ± 0.0001”.

Wire EDM in Manufacturing 

When a part fails or doesn’t perform the way it is supposed to, the costs associated with downtime and repairs can be extreme. Manufacturers need parts they can depend on. At American Wire EDM, we use sophisticated electrical discharge machining technology to produce the best overall parts for a wide range of manufacturers.

Plastic Injection Molding and Wire EDM

Plastic injection molds are often complex, and if the mold has defects, the parts it produces won’t function as well as they should. Electrical discharge machining offers the necessary precision for both the mold and the part. American Wire EDM uses electrical discharge machining technology to shape plastic injection molds for manufacturers in a wide variety of industries.

And many others!

With state-of-the-art equipment and a skilled, experienced production team, American Wire EDM has the capabilities to produce even the smallest and most delicate parts quickly and efficiently. For over 30 years we have been a leader in the EDM industry and can provide innovative solutions for EDM applications. We offer design assistance to refine your designs for better performance and more efficient manufacturing. We can also produce your parts as prototypes, in small production runs, or in quantities in the thousands.

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